Richard Spraggins’ (Jim Metzler) only diversion from his constant pain and wretched life is to escape into an imaginary 50s film noir world where he becomes tough-talking private eye Richard Stone, hired to save mysterious blonde bombshell Jade Norfleet (Andrea Thompson).  In real life, Spraggins is surrounded by his New Age lifelong friend, Duncan (John Ritter), his leechy sister, Peep (Kay Lenz), her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Syd (Billy Bob Thornton), and his trusted nurse and housekeeper.

When he retreats into the black and white world of Stone, his real-world antagonists are transformed into a cast of dangerous characters whom he must defeat in order to rescue Jade Norfleet from a desperate killer.  Only when Spraggins’ two worlds merge does he find an ending to the story that will set him free at last.

A compelling tale of spiritual redemption, A Gun, a Car, a Blonde was directed by Stefani Ames, and written by Tom Epperson and Stefani Ames.